Private Investigations for White Plains, NY, Residents

Corporate Investigations:

• Asset Location/ Searches
• Due Diligence
• Vendor/ Contractor Vetting
• Employee Vetting
• Skip Trace

Forensic Investigations:

• Wage/Payroll Fraud Investigations
• Anti-corruption compliance & Investigations
• False financial claims
• Fraud Prevention

Legal Investigations:

• Criminal Defense
• Witness Location
• Workers Compensation Cases
• Missing Persons Location
• Asset Location/Searches

Private legal investigations are extremely useful for a range of industries. By employing a professional private investigator, companies and organizations can benefit from having access to specialized knowledge, resources, and skills that go beyond what is available in-house. Private investigators conduct investigations into matters such as fraud, breaches of contract, theft, and other civil or criminal cases.

They also provide various types of surveillance services such as background checks, asset searches, computer forensics analysis, and more. Additionally, private investigators can assist with gathering evidence for court proceedings and settling disputes outside of the courtroom. With extensive expertise in the law and investigative techniques, Trinity Investigative Group is ready to assist those in need in and around White Plains, NY.

Professional Private Investigations

For law firms, our private investigators can conduct research into matters such as prior court cases, documents related to legal proceedings, and more. They can also provide surveillance services in order to uncover evidence and support the case being presented.

Private investigations are also advantageous for construction companies, providing specialized services such as on-site inspections of building sites and private investigations into accidents or incidents concerning personnel or contractors.

Overall, private investigative services offer many advantages that businesses and organizations would benefit from having access to when dealing with complex legal issues or cases. Trinity Investigative Group is here to help ensure these issues are handled quickly, efficiently, and accurately.

Our team is well-versed in the field of private investigations and has years of experience providing quality services to clients seeking assistance. Regardless of the complexity of your case, you can trust that our investigations will be conducted professionally and ethically.

By hiring Trinity Investigative Group for your private investigative services, you'll benefit from having access to a team with extensive knowledge of the law as well as the investigation techniques necessary to reach justice.

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